Our graduates


Picture of David Yanuka PhD 2017

David Yanuka PhD 2017

Ph.D Thesis Research Associate Postdoctoral fellowship in Imperial College, London, UK
email:  yanuka17@gmail.com/ d.yanuka@imperial.ac.uk
Phone:  +972-4-8292607
The subject of his research is research of resistivity of water at extreme conditions Continue Reading David Yanuka PhD 2017
Picture of Guy Shafir PhD 2018

Guy Shafir PhD 2018

Ph.D Thesis 2018, Rafael
email:  shafirguy@gmail.com
Phone:  +972-4-8292607
Picture of Denis Zolotukhin

Denis Zolotukhin

Ph.D. Candidate Guest Student
email:  ZolotukhinDenis@gmail.com
Phone:  +972-4-8292607
Address:  Lidow's Physics Complex, room 382
Website:  http://www.tusur.ru/
Picture of Daniel Shaffer PhD 2016

Daniel Shaffer PhD 2016

email:  daniel.shefer@gmail.com
Address:  MATAM Industrial Area Haifa, room
Website:  https://il.linkedin.com/in/daniel-shafer-42530437
Picture of Oleg Antonov PhD 2016

Oleg Antonov PhD 2016

Researcher Scientist PPPP Lab
email:  antonov@tx.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-8292607
Address:  Physics Technion, room 382
Received his MSc degree at 2012 in the PPPP laboratory. Research of resistivity of water at extreme conditions. Continue Reading Oleg Antonov PhD 2016
Picture of Leonid Beilin PhD 2014

Leonid Beilin PhD 2014

Lead System Physicist Molecular Dynamics (Israel) LTD
email:  leonidbeilin@gmail.com
Address:  22 Bareket St. Industrial park, Caesarea, 3088900 Israel, room
Website:  http://www.molecular-d.com/
Picture of Jorge Palacio-Mizrahi PhD 2014

Jorge Palacio-Mizrahi PhD 2014

Postdoctoral fellow
email:  palacio.jorge@mail.huji.ac.il
Phone:  +972-2-6585707
Address:  Racah Institute of Physics-The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, room Levin 14
Website:  www.phys.huji.ac.il/contacts/palacio_jorge
Picture of Tal Queller PhD 2014

Tal Queller PhD 2014

Postdoctoral Fellow
email:  tal.queller@weizmann.ac.il
Phone:  +972-8-9342677
Address:  K.B. Weissman Institute of Physical Sciences, room 143
Website:  plasma-gate.weizmann.ac.il/people/queller-tal/
Picture of Vladislav Vekselman PhD 2012

Vladislav Vekselman PhD 2012

Associate Research Physicist Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
email:  vekselman@pppl.gov
Phone:  +1-609-243-3904
Address:  Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL), room
Website:  nano.pppl.gov/People/vladislav-vekselman.html
Picture of Shurik Yatom

Shurik Yatom

Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Minnesota
email:  kakainstein@gmail.com
Website:  linkedin.com/in/shurik-yatom-301b8049
Picture of Dmitry Levko PostDoc 2012

Dmitry Levko PostDoc 2012

University of Texas at Austin, Austin
email:  dima.levko@gmail.com
Website:  https://sites.google.com/site/dmitrylevko/
Post Doc Technion - Israel Institute of Technology October 2010 – September 2012 Continue Reading Dmitry Levko PostDoc 2012
Picture of Daniel Sheftman PhD 2012

Daniel Sheftman PhD 2012

Tri Alpha Energy, Ca USA
Website:  http://www.trialphaenergy.com/
Picture of Alexander Fedotov Gefen PhD 2011

Alexander Fedotov Gefen PhD 2011

Physicist HP Indigo division
Website:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexander-fedotov-gefen-b7aa2629
Picture of Yoav Hadas PhD 2010

Yoav Hadas PhD 2010

Researcher Rafael
email:  yoavhad@rafael.co.il
Picture of Dmitry Yarmolich PhD 2009

Dmitry Yarmolich PhD 2009

Organic Spintronics, Bologna, Italy
email:  dyarmolich@gmail.com
Picture of Dekel Veksler MSc 2008

Dekel Veksler MSc 2008

PhD Candidate RBNI Technion
email:  Dekel@tx.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-54-2687139
Website:  http://rbni.technion.ac.il/node/376
Picture of Alon Grinenko PhD 2006

Alon Grinenko PhD 2006

Postdoctoral Research Fellow University of Warwick, UK
Website:  https://uk.linkedin.com/in/alon-grinenko-2639a74b
Picture of Maxim Kozlov PostDoc  2013

Maxim Kozlov PostDoc 2013

Senior Research Scientist Nazarbayev University
email:  maksimkozlov54@yandex.ru
Website:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/maximkozlov/
Picture of Alexander Krokhmal PhD 2005

Alexander Krokhmal PhD 2005

Senior CT Physici at Bruker Semi X-ray
Picture of Konstantin Chirko PhD 2004

Konstantin Chirko PhD 2004

Physicist at Applied Materials
Picture of Alex Dunaevsky PhD 2001

Alex Dunaevsky PhD 2001

Senior Technology Manager Tri Alpha Energy, Ca USA
Website:  www.trialphaenergy.com
Picture of Irad Leizer M.Sc  2006

Irad Leizer M.Sc 2006

EL-OP Israel
Picture of Raanan Gad M.Sc 2006

Raanan Gad M.Sc 2006

Rafael Israel
Picture of Hila Sagi M.Sc. 2005

Hila Sagi M.Sc. 2005

Rafael, Israel
Picture of Or Peleg M.Sc 2004

Or Peleg M.Sc 2004

PhD student Technion
Address:  Solid State Institute, room
Linear and Nonlinear Optics in Complex Structures 2010 Continue Reading Or Peleg M.Sc 2004
Picture of Moshe Donskoy M.Sc. 2014

Moshe Donskoy M.Sc. 2014

RF and Antenna engineer
Website:  www.qualcomm.com
Picture of Eran Zvulun M.Sc. 2014

Eran Zvulun M.Sc. 2014

Process Engineer
email:  zvulun@tx.technion.ac.il
Picture of Dr. Somesh Vinayak Tewari

Dr. Somesh Vinayak Tewari

Ph.D. SERB Indo-Overseas Post Doctoral Fellow
email:  somesh_vinayak@ph.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-8295551
Address:  Lidow's Physics Complex, room 619
Picture of Li Ankun

Li Ankun

Ph.D. student, exchange student program from China Changsha National University of Defense Technology
email:  lak18684772354@outlook.com
Phone:  04-829-2043; +972 058-5685205
Address:  Lidow's Physics Complex, room 316
Object and research direction: To undertake postgraduate research, with possible research topics including electron emission mechanism in a cold the cathode, physics of plasma, plasma diagnostics, pulsed power and its diagnostic technology, intense charged particle beam, microwave electronics, and related technology research and development. Continue Reading Li Ankun