Shurik Yatom

We are proud  the winner of the 2012  IEEE Pulsed Power Conference  Art Guenther awards.

Shurik YatomShuriK Yatom was born in 1981 and started his studies in 2005 in the Department of Physics in Israel Institute of Technology, in Haifa, Israel. After graduating “Cum Laude” in July 2008, he joined the Plasma and Pulsed Power Lab in Technion and is currently in the direct track PhD program, continuing his research on nanosecond discharge in dense gases under the supervision of Prof. Yakov Krasik and Prof. Joshua Felsteiner. In January 2011 he was awarded the Jacobs Excellence Fellowship for his academic achievements. His work is mainly concerned with research of discharges in atmospheric and above atmospheric pressure in gases such as air, He, and SF6 using time- and space-resolved optical, x-ray and spectroscopic methods. He has published several papers on the dynamics of discharges, characterization of X-ray radiation, high energy runaway electrons, and parameters of the plasma produced during this type of the discharge.